Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions apply to candidates using the UKJobs.net website.
UKJobs.net is a division of Splut Ltd, company registration number 3870323.
Please read  these terms and conditions. 
You must accept them before registering as a candidate on the UKJobs.net website.
 Candidate Obligations
In registering with the website to apply for a job you agree to:

  • To be responsible for the passwords used to access the UKJobs.net website and be responsible for any subsequent misuse if the passwords have been disclosed to a third party
  • to provide an accurate CV and personal details that are not misleading or likely to mislead; that the CV accurately reflects your education, training history and employment
  • that UKJobs.net may remove any information on a CV that they consider to be inaccurate
  • to keep confidential any information provided by a potential employer
  • not to seek to obtain details of any employer when you have no intention or prospects of successfully obtaining the position with that employer
  • to only apply for jobs for which you have the appropriate qualifications and skills and have the qualifications that might be required by law
  • not to use the website to build a database of potential employers or exploit the website for commercial reasons
  • that details you submit in your application via the website can be seen by any visitor to the website
  • give consent  for UKJobs.net processing personal data
  • give consent to UKJobs.net contacting you via your e-mail address
  • that it is impossible for UKJobs.net to independently verify the authenticity of every CV or job advertisement and shall not be liable for the consequences of any inaccuracies or misrepresentations
  • that you satisfy the necessary immigration requirements of the country in which the job  lies
  • to provide an application that is not illegal, immoral, obscene or offensive, and complies with the legal and moral obligations of UKJobs.net and its clients.
 UKJobs.net Obligations
  • UKJobs.net only duty is to provide a website.  UKJobs.net will make efforts to keep the website running at all times but does not accept any liability for any interruptions in service or unavailability of the website, any inconvenience caused or possible consequential loss
  • Use of the UKJobs.net website by jobseekers is free of charge
  • After introductions have been made via the UKJobs.net website between a jobseeker and employer it is your decision how to progress your application
  • UKJobs.net is not an employment agency and does not act on behalf of any particular employment agency or client
  • UKJobs.net accepts job advertisements in good faith and shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations that might occur
  • UKJobs.net shall not be liable for any failure to perform any obligation caused by any event beyond its control
  • UKJobs.net cannot guarantee the number advertisements for vacancies distributed to jobseekers by email
  • UKJobs.net cannot guarantee the minimum number of times that a CV will be viewed or distributed each day
  • UKJobs.net may suspend or remove any CV or information without notice
  • UKJobs.net may report illegal or improper use of CVís or services by jobseekers to clients
  • UKJobs.net has the right to refuse, remove, decline to distribute or require to be amended any application that does not conform to the above conditions
Terms and Conditions for Recruiters HERE
Privacy Number Service

What is the Privacy Number Service and how does it work?

The PNS is a service to keep your personal details, in this case the Job Seekers' phone number, hidden from users of the website. This is done so that no one can use the information held on our system for purposes other than contacting you concerning your CV. We replace your phone numbers with our own 070 number, which when a user calls, redirects them to the phone numbers you entered while registering your CV.

How much does using the service cost ?

The Privacy Number Service is free to all our Job Seekers.

At UKJobs.net we provide our services to Job Seekers free of charge, in order to continue to do so we make a small amount of revenue from the 070 service that we now offer. This has also been universally welcomed for the privacy that it now offers our Job Seekers. Recruiters calling a PNS Number from a standard BT home or business phone are charged at the rate of 37 pence per minute (ppm) peak, 25ppm evening and 12.5ppm at the weekend, when dialed from a BT land line. Calls are billed per second when supported by your fixed line network operator.

The cost of calling a PNS Number from mobile phone networks will vary depending on the mobile operator the call is being made through. If in doubt, callers are encouraged to confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling a PNS Number (PNS Numbers are those with the prefix 070). Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers. Per second billing only applies on calls to a PNS Number where your mobile network operator supports this.

What other advantages does the service offer?

When a 070 number is called the service will hunt up to 2 different numbers to connect the recruiter to the Job Seeker. If the item is no longer available a recorded message will tell you immediately to save your time and effort.

I donít want a PNS number on my contact details, can it be removed?

No, at UKJobs.net we allow you to use the service free of charge, in order to continue to do so we need to make a small amount of revenue from the PNS service, we do this via the 070 numbers. The PNS service has been universally welcomed by our Job Seekers for the benefits that it offers.

Call Referral Service
At UKJobs.net we provide our services to Job Seekers free of charge, in order to continue to do so we make a small amount of revenue from the 0871 service that we now offer.

UKJobs operate a directory call referral service on this site.

This means that when you dial any of the 0871 numbers listed on our site your call will then be transferred to the number of the business or individual you wish to speak to.

Your call will be transferred with immediately with the absolute minimum of delay and will cost just 10 pence per minute or billed in seconds if supported by your network provider.

Should you experience any difficulty or have any query regarding our call referral service please call 01327 844099 or email admin@ukjobs.net. Calls to this number are charged at your standard network rate.
A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from our website and is stored on your computerís hard drive.   Each website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browserís preferences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a web site to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

Generally, we use cookies on our website to:

  • remind us who you are and to access your member information (stored on our computers) in order to deliver a better and more personalised service;
  • record searches you have made whilst visiting our site;
  • collect anonymous data for direct marketing and promotional purposes;
  • collect IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.  Your IP address is the address your web browser or email application gives to the computer whose web page or email you are trying to access over the internet.
  • IP addresses may be used by the system administration of our website and to gather broad demographic information.  This enables us to send you the most appropriate information based on geographic area or information derived from your IP address.  We can also estimate the amount of users visiting UKJobs.net from various locations.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically but you have the ability to accept/decline cookies by altering the settings in your browser to prevent automatic acceptance of cookies. 

If you decline/disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of the website or the website may not be available to you.

 Contacting UKJobs.net
If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding UKJobs.net or this website, please contact us on: 

Email: admin@UKJobs.net

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